SEO services cover a range of overlapping areas. Below is an outline of the main areas. 

Keyword research and content creation

Knowing exactly what keywords you should be targeting and how to target them can be confusing.

Your website’s and pages’ authority, competition, resources and other factors come into play.

I can show you what keywords you should be targeting and why, and then put you on a path to ranking for them to bring in high-quality, qualified traffic.

Backlink outreach

Backlink outreach isn’t as simple as it once was. Your site needs a mixture of relevant, trustworthy and high-powered links in order to improve its ranking.

Knowing where and how to get these links is the real issue. 

I can find you the right potential backlinks for your website and guide you through strategies to obtaining them. 

Technical SEO

Technical SEO covers a range of issues from fixing broken links to re-coding whole sections of websites.

I can get your site to full health and help you speed it up (what is known as ‘core web vitals’ – an important part of Google’s algorithm). 

I will use a number of different software to help identify errors with and and monitor your website’s health. All else being equal, a healthy website will rank higher than rivals that haven’t optimised for technical SEO. 

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