SEO (search engine optimisation) is a lot like strength training. To get real results it takes practice, patience and consistency.

I am an SEO expert that can strengthen your website. SEO is a multi-faceted discipline. ‘Link building’, ‘title tags’, ‘user experience’, ‘meta descriptions’, ‘keyword research’ – I will implement and explain each of these concepts to you. 

My ultimate goal is build up your website’s true power and then to hand it back to you with clear instructions on how to maintain its new-found strength.

Keyword Research

This is the starting point of any SEO strategy.

You need to know your target audience and anticipate exactly what information they need.


'Content is king' is the SEO world's mantra.

Ultimately, what will bring users to your website and keep it relevant is your content.

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Link Building

There are multiple ways to build backlinks.

The quality and quantity of you backlinks are crucial for building up up your site's authority and traffic.

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Local SEO for small businesses

I also help small businesses rank locally for their stores or services. This kind of SEO work is slightly different from corporate SEO work. My services for this include creating a WordPress website, setting up a Google My Business account, gaining local citations, and more.

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